Tuesday, April 5, 2011

1st grade collage

Here it is.  Spring Break.  Where does the time go? 

In the past two weeks I've been completely reorganizing all my pictures.  I had them scattered everywhere.  It's still a mess but I managed to find and organize my collage pictures.  I need to quit making piles of "stuff" to do later.  Am I the only one with this problem? ;)

The reason for choosing this collage project was, for the most part, in answer to an overall lack of interest at the collage center.   I needed to come up with five different ideas for collage project number two. This project was chosen in part to show the teachers how they could incorporate art activities into their classrooms (in this case an extension to a first grade science lesson).  The 1st graders were learning about liquids and solids.  The project was rather simple.  Using a large black paper, the student cut out a large blue raindrop (traced from a template).  The orance block was already cut for them.  On the raindrop, they glued on "Liquid Things" and on the orange "Solid Things."  I provided blue yarn (to represent raindrops) and then a variety of solid things for the solid side.   The students searched in different magazines for two solid and two liquid pictures.  Easier said than done. 

I hadn't expected the first graders to have so much difficulty finding liquid things.  I ended up finding and cutting most of the pictures out at home and just had them concentrate on arranging the materials (find the solids was much easier).  Still, they turned out nicely.  Several teachers have posted the collages outside their room and one teacher even gave her students extra time to add a few more things (filling the collage out a bit more).   It's not necessairly the most creative collage, but it does give the kiddies an experience on how to make a collage, how to glue object onto a piece of paper, and some experience cutting picture out from a magazine (not an easy task for a first grader). I modeled how to arrange things on their paper and to use their space properly (and not glue things all in one area leaving other areas blank).    Here are a few more examples.  Next up I'll share the second grade Snowy Village Collage (a project I learned from a Donna Hugh video). 

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