Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Up, Up, and Away

5th grade THEME collage
The last of the collage projects are finished.  We've had a few interruptions along the way but finally the whole group collage art is completed.  I've rearranged the room back to the centers the kids love so much.  It was nice to do a whole group project too as I still love teaching that way but centers has its many advantages.

When I began this process of teaching the kids about collage, it was in response to the lack of interest in the collage center.  Now that the collage center is open, I'm pretty happy with the number of students that are going to the collage center each day.  The modeling clay center is still number one with most of the groups but I have a couple of dozen individual collage projects that are either in process or completed. 

I hope to get the grade level collages posted soon.  I've been busy with music (I teach guitar and play in a band and am in the middle of recording some guitar parts for a friend's CD).  My new scanner (just purchased!) is up and running and all artwork is now scanned.  So stay tuned.

I'll say this about collage:  It's much more fun than I anticipated.  I'm like a little kid again.  There are so many variations of collage art (so many scraps, so little time) I just want to do them all! 

Happy Creating!

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. ~Pablo Picasso