Sunday, February 28, 2010

2nd grade paper construction penguins

Here's another penguin theme idea I've used in the past. This project was make entirely of colored construction paper. As you can see we used a blue background and a blue gray for the water. For the different parts of the penguins, I usually cut the different pieces the kids use for the penguins into approximate sizes the kids will need. I cut out rectangles and squares and then show the kids how to make circles and triangles from those shapes. We added a white "block of ice" for the penguin in front to stand upon.

This particular project was done whole group with an "I do it you do it" approach. Now that I'm using a modified TAB approach, should I repeat this project (or one like it) I may try giving a quick mini-lesson of the process or offer a one-day workshop where kids start the project with my help and then finish it on their own at future center times.

I like construction paper art for a number of reasons. With the younger students, I can reinforce shape concepts, and give the kids another experience with cutting and gluing. Such activities also help kids as they further develop their visual discrimination skills and begin to see the connections line and shape have making images.

I also believe that by doing a project where I demonstrate specific techniques and show how the pieces go together, it gives kids valuable experience and a set of skills that they can later duplicate as they venture out on their own in future creative endeavors.

I don't have a gallery of these penguins as I only scanned these six. I'll end this post with two more examples. Happy art making!