Monday, August 23, 2010

It's that time of year!

Well, I did it. I went into my classroom to start the process of setting things up. At the end of last year I stuffed everything I could into the kiln room and put other items on the available counter tops. And so it began - taking it all out, laying it out on the tables, and once again trying to stuff my "too much stuff" into my "not enough space" room. It's always a challenge, especially for someone like me who is organizationally challenged. I'm better than I was, but as I tell my friends, I'm 80% organized and 20% chaos. It's the chaos that kills me. That's why people like me develop the "pile" system.

Maybe your a Pile System organizer. Put stuff in piles, go through the piles and put thing where they go (if you have a place.) If you don't have a place for it, put it in the new pile (the: "doesn't have a storage place yet" pile.)

So my goal as I start this year is to set the room up to accommodate my TAB approach to teaching art. I have new materials that have just arrived, plus materials that other materials that have donated, and they all need a storage place to call their own.

I'm a little behind in posting this but I wanted to add pictures. And believe it or not, I'm STILL trying to organize! But I'm getting there. :)