Friday, February 12, 2010

Where The Wild Things are. First grade project.

This art project has probably been done by many of you. Mine is a crayon resist and it's an activity the kids really seem to enjoy. My approach is simple: I read the story and show the pictures via my document camera (or show the video). After viewing the story, we discuss what a "Wild Thing" looks like. With my first graders, I talk a lot about the shapes they see in the different Wild Things. My approach has been to model the drawing first and then let them draw their Wild Thing first in pencil and then outline and color using color pastels. For the wash I use a light blue. I tried to add a bit of black to give the blue a darker grayish look but that was a bad idea. I didn't like the look and neither did the kids. One child, after applying the wash, looked up at me and said, "You've ruined it!" Wow! I like that. A critic. ;)
I've gotten so many ideas from here and there I don't know where I got this idea. Perhaps from They have many good ideas for projects there. Here's another approach from Deep Sparkle. If you haven't seen her site, check it out. It's very well done and an excellent resource.

Project gallery can be found on my website here. Let the rumpus begin!


  1. I really like how you were able to incorporate reading and literature into your art lesson. This activity allowed the kids to connect the story with their own imagination in order to create their own wild thing. Good idea to use such a classic book!

  2. Hi, I'm doing this with kdg-2nd grade. I used watercolor paper (and markers with water) and outlined in black. Then had them cut out. It was anice review of cutting and using "just a little water". We're going to paste on a long mural (using lots of decorations on mural but simplified the Wild Things so you can appreciate theri details.between classroom so ther'e will be many wild things on one long mural. Thanks