Friday, July 1, 2011

4th Grade Complementary Colors (Color Wheel)

Here's a project I did a few years ago.  Most kids really enjoyed the project but it did take far too long for some to finish.   I'm not sure I'd do it again as a whole group project but I would make it available as a center idea.  The reason I wouldn't repeat this whole group is due to the time it takes to complete the entire project.  It took several days from start to finish and in some cases, it took 4 class periods.  Maybe if I let the kids use markers instead of paint the process would speed up.  Also, it may look nicer in a 9x9 or 10x10 paper.

Steps we followed:
1.  Using a ruler and a pencil (drawing lightly), divide the paper into 6 parts (as per example)
2.  Students center their name (using pencil) in block lettering.
3.  Outline in black marker.
4.  Color each section as a color wheel.
5.  Color those parts of the letters that fall within the boundaries of a color wheel section the appropriate complementary color.
6.  Re-outline using black marker if necessary.
7,  Mount on construction paper.

I'm not sure where I got this idea.  Likely I found it on the Internet.  Here are three more examples.



  1. Very nice..
    Its very good to share the painting and its steps to do it..your blog contains alot of interesting stuff for kids..
    Christmas Treasure Hunt

  2. Thanks for your comment. I'm way behind as is per usual with me! More to come ;)

  3. thank you for posting all this stuff!

  4. wow this looks very fun and easy to do with my kids since we homeschool
    thanks for the awesome blog lots of fun ideas!

  5. Question, I don't understand the color wheel, where the Yellow letters are in the purple section, and the purple colors are in the yellow section.??

    1. Complimentary colours are those found opposite of the select colour on the colour wheel. For your example, purple is the complimentary colour of yellow, and vice versa, because they are directly opposite each other on the wheel.

      Hope this helps.

  6. not a bad craft in deed.

  7. I agree with all of you.

  8. verdy good craft indeed.

  9. this is an awesome idea and fun too!!

  10. whatever my kid's in 6th grade and this gave us 4th grade on the 6th grade allinonealonehomeschool homeschool site.

  11. This is so cool I love it so much I think l will have my kids do this for art some time soon so awesome.

  12. this is very cool and as I have an unusual name I like it even more so I can show off my name your site is very interesting and I am excited to explore your site more.

  13. I am home schooled on the allinonehomeschoolthis would be very fun but I have no artistic talent and can't even write my name in bubble or block letters and i did not know that in 8th grade i would be made to do 4th grade work

  14. I am also homeschooled on the site, and I'm in 7th grade, but I still think this is an interesting project.