Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Toucan

One may begin to wonder if I'm a Donna Huge fan.  Here is yet another idea from one of Donna's Videos.    I've used many of Donna's ideas (as you'll see) and I haven't been unhappy with one (that I've used).  In this lesson, students are taught to draw a toucan and color it using colored pastels.  Since I have deemed this year to be the year of the crayon, we used crayons instead.    Not only that, but his project was to be entered in the hospital art contest and oils were not to be used. 

I think the crayons worked well.  After drawing the birds, the students used crayons and blended the colors together to create the unique coloring of the toucan.

I used a model that I found on the net (using google) and I showed the students a slide show of real toucans.  We studied the colors of various toucans and discussed the characteristics we observed.  You can find dozens of pictures via google.    Here are some examples.  I have many more and hope to get them uploaded to the website soon.  I'll post updates when I get that accomplished.  If you have questions or comments, I'd love to hear them!


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  1. what a nice blog, suddenly realize that art can be start from the simple one, with also simple technique and materials, feel sorry to "steal" your idea, that might will be implemented in my class, good work dude... !!