Wednesday, October 31, 2012


So Halloween is over.  Well, not exactly.  There's still the aftermath.  Students are always a bit more "excited" this time of year.  Some days can be very challenging.  But for the past two week, I've managed to keep the excitement down by keeping the kiddies busy.  Here's an activity that is always fun this time of year.  I provided the kids with pumpkin cutouts to trace large orange pumpkins.  The instructions were simple:  Make a pumpkin face any way you want (as long as it's appropriate).  I provide them with plenty of things to glue on to the orange pumpkins and then I get out of the way.  I did help with the mustaches after being asked.  But I was able to demonstrate the process and some kids were able to make their own.   I've set up a link to my new Facebook page for photo albums.  Here is a link to the pumkin pictures: PUMPKINS