Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Impressionism 4th grade drawings

     I've liked the looks of this project from the first time I saw it.  The idea came from one of my Donna Hugh videos (found here) and is easy to do.  After creating a border (see this link) the students draw several lines (which separate different colored fields) a house on top and tree at the right.  

Then, using thin colored markers and utilizing small choppy strokes, each field is colored using a combination of colors.  Adjacent fields should be colored with enough contrast so that there is adequate visual contrast to separate the fields. Otherwise, the full effect will be minimized or even lost.
It's important that the house colors have enough contrast against the background sky and the field immediately underneath the house so that it can stand out.

The process itself takes several art sessions but is well worth the effort.  The results are very "impressive."  You can view a small gallery of work here

Here are a couple more examples



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