Monday, April 5, 2010

Warm and cool color project 4th grade

I've always been a fan of bright colorful projects. That's probably why this project appealed to me the moment I saw it. It's a pretty simple grid drawing. The students can either use grid paper or make the grids themselves using a ruler. After the grids were drawn I gave a quick demonstration on how to draw the fish.

Students use warm colors for the fish and cool colors for the water. Adding more than one fish adds to the visual effect of the picture and is what I recommended. But what I didn't expect is how long this project took some kids. It wasn't as engaging as I had hoped which probably accounts for the time it took to complete the pictures. Some kids loved them, others not so much. I think in the future I'd make this an optional project at one of my centers (we did this one whole group last year). Some kids eat this stuff up and all they need is a couple of examples to look at and they are off. As you can see, with just one fish it looks rather empty. Here is one of my favorites. It violates the "color rule" a bit but it has character.

Currently we are on Spring Break. Wishing you all a relaxing time off. Get refreshed! I managed to catch a cold and have been in bed the past two days. Happy Spring.

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