Monday, November 21, 2011

First grade: Using line and shape to create a simple drawing

This is my finished model
I usually  teach several drawing lessons at the beginning of the year to each grade level.  Here is a simple project I've done with first graders that uses simple lines and shapes to create an outdoor scene.

The drawings in this lesson are likely based on ideas I've used over the years and probably have their source in Ed Emberly's drawing ideas.  In this drawing lesson, I model what's to be drawn, and then have the students copy what they see (from an overhead screen).

This particular lesson serves several purposes.  In it, I'm able to emphasize the relationships between line and shape in creating an image.  I love teaching the little ones how to use simple geometric shapes to create animal characters that they enjoy drawing.   But also, I want to get my students to use crayons more.  So in this lesson I modeled how to use crayons using both the sharp point (including teaching them how to sharpen-they love this part) and how to remove the paper and use the flat side to cover larger areas (such as the ground, sky, and tree).

Here are a few more examples:


  1. My daughter will love this picture. Can’t wait to make this with her. Thank You.

  2. Glad you liked it. Thanks for commenting.