Monday, May 10, 2010

Art Fair

Each year there is a Youth Fair held at the Southwest Washington Fairgrounds in Chehalias Washington. There is a huge elementary art section held in one of the buildings. This year we had 46 entries and it was the first year I was in charge of getting the art to and from the fair. I brought my grandkids and camera along.

The Picasso's were among some of the best at the elementary level (IMO"). I was very surprised to see that they were made by 2nd graders. I would love to learn the technique the teacher used to get such quality work!

I recognized some art work ideas from resources I own and use each year. The Hot Air balloons come from one of Donna Hughes
videos. The "Flowers in Sunshine" are also from the Hughes video series. I recommend all of Donna Hughes videos. I love her ideas and I find her directions easy to follow.

The picture on the left was is my favorite entry. It's one of my student's pictures. I was very happy to see her receive a first place ribbon. Her artwork represents a complete original idea. I asked the student where she got her idea and she responded, "From my head." ;)

There is a gallery of pictures on my Facebook page and I think I have the settings open to all. Please let me know if you can't access the gallery. There are more pictures and some very nice high school entries. The Facebook Gallery can be found here.

At school I'm so busy with stuff that I can hardly keep my head above water. We're "into the thick of things" with 4th and 5th graders painting and glazing their clay projects. We also are making end of year sketch books (to take home for the summer and keep drawing). Many students have odds and ends in their folders to complete. And two weeks ago I introduced the collage center. I love to experiment at the end of the year and try new things and I love to keep the kids busy. I have some ideas for end of year centers but have to get caught up with all the other "stuff" that's on the table first.

Hope your year has gone well for you all.