Thursday, July 21, 2016

Clay Hands Kindergarten

This is an easy project and fun for the kids.  The reason it's easy is I provide the clay to the kindergarten teachers and they have a station that runs through the week for tracing their clay hands.  An adult does most of the work.   After tracing the hand in the clay slab and cutting it out, you smooth out the edges and place the hand in a small bowl so that the hand stays curved when dried.

Then they come to me and I fire them in the kiln.  To identify each hand I use the first two initials of the teacher plus a number (numbers decided from the attendance sheets).  Those identifiers are put on the back (which will be the bottom) of the hand.  Then the kiddos apply the glaze and I do a final firing.  The results are cute.  We make these for a Mother's Day present.


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