Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thanksgiving Turkeys

1st Grader's Turkey Picture

Well, even though Thanksgiving is over, here's a cute little project we did last year. I have a couple of examples included here. As you see, it's pretty simple. The student traces his or her hands, draws a background, and waterpaints the whole picture. I stress background details in my students' artwork. I like the neat little touch of the background fence.

2nd Grader's Turkey Picture


  1. Hi Dan. This blog site is very uplifting. I especially like the close-ups of the images and the rich colors used in the art. I an art teacher, do you have any thoughts about how your students name their artwork?

  2. Thank you for you kind comments. Kid art always amazes me. As for naming their artwork: In the past I haven't required this. In fact I hadn't given it much thought. But In the past few months I've been giving this some thought and currently putting something together that will include an artist's statement along with naming one's artwork. I'll probably blog on that sometime in the future.

  3. Please let me know when you do write that naming blog. I try to keep up with many blogs, including yours, but sometimes things slip. Your blog is outstanding. email

  4. I'll try to remember Susan. Thanks for the kind comments!